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Giant Production JIB

Our Giant Production Jib is perfect for large spaces indoors and outdoors. Whether we are viewing a production space or plant from a high overall view then lowering and swinging around and zooming into a close up, or just positioning the view at the exact height and position to showcase the action or scene perfectly, the jib adds a "Hollywood" look and feel to our productions. The 4k camera can be moved up, providing greater height or down for lower floor level shots. With steerable wheels and full remote control of the scene from the rear, the client can watch the shot in real time on an HD monitor. Configurable in length from a 3' to a 12' reach, up to a 24' swing and able to shoot from ground level up to 18'+ in the air, it's the perfect tool for any High End Production.


Mini JIB

The Mini Jib easy to move and perfect for smaller indoor locations still providing incredible "moving" jib shots. It has a 3'6" reach and can go from ground level to 12'+ in the air.

JIBs Examples and uses

Our jib has been used for "National Geographic" productions, configured on a Golf Cart adding easy mobility, indoors in nuclear facilities and plant environments as well as live shows and outdoors. See the examples of uses below and see a variety of jib shots.

Real Word Examples / JIB

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