These are examples of 360 Degree Virtual Reality that using camera technology that scans, creates a 3D Space and maps the 4k photography onto the 3D images creating a Virtual Tour. It accurately creates a detailed floorplan of the entire space and creates a "dollhouse" view and a "floorplan" view that the user can zoom into and move through as if they were actually walking through. The camera measures and maps the space with 99% accurately and 2D floor plans can be generated from the project. Print quality 4k digital images can also be created from any view and any angle in the project.

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The following is an Application Built by Video Ideas to allow multiple spaces to be viewed within one iframe.
The Convention Center below, 200,000 sq. ft. is too large to be loaded all at once - so it has been created as multiple models.
The viewer can click on an area of the Map to individually view sections of the Convention Center.

For mobile users, click here for a better experience.

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