PORTFOLIO / 360 VR Video

VIP 360 VR - Demo

If this doesn't play as a VR in your browser, click the link below and open in the YouTube App. The link below will also use the Gyroscope in your phone to PAN the video as you move the phone around.
The video above and the links below are examples of 360 VR Videos. You can use your mouse or the symbol in the upper left of the video (or touch if you are on a mobile device) to PAN around 360 degrees left, right,.up and down while the video is playing. When playing the 360 videos below, you can click the Google Cardboard Symbol in the lower right corner of the video playback to switch to the Google Cardboard split view to play the video in a VR Viewer or VR Headset. When these videos are playing on a mobile device, the gyroscope in your mobile device will detect movement and pan the video around while the phone is moving.

Hawker - Opportunity Charging 360


Card Monroe 360


VR Pool Game


VIP 360VR Demo

Click Link To Enter

Santas Hideaway 360VR


Dynasty Spas


3D Scanned 360 Virtual Reality


360 VR Building and Floorplan Tour

Click on the image icons to view individual areas or rooms. Once inside, click on arrows with your mouse to look around. For a larger view, click here



The video below is a normal video. It demonstrates how users on mobile devices can use their touch to pan around the video. Later in this video it also shows the VIP RC Robotic Camera Platform in use.

VR Videos and the VIP RC Robotic Camera Platform Demo

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