An Experienced and Talented Team

Whatever your production, it's important to have an experienced and talented production team. At Video Ideas, we have the talent and experience to make sure your project is completed efficiently, effectively, on-time, and within budget.

With over 29 years of experience in direction, art direction and production both on-location and in the studio your project is in the right hands. Our full digital image path means that all the High Definition video we capture is done digitally.

We offer many different customized production packages for your production including multiple high definition cameras, specialty cameras, specialty mounting gear, jibs, dollies, tracks, teleprompters along with experienced and efficient production crews.

Our 12' production jib moves a camera from ground level to over 18' in the air as the camera is remotely panned and zoomed. These "Hollywood" effects add tremendous production value to your video. The jib also allows us to record the scene from the perfect angle and even place camera over security fences and in locations that would be impossible to place a camera person. The result? The perfect scene that tells an effective story.

See a Demonstration of Our Jib in use.

Whether it's a production for broadcast, a training video with lots of graphics and demonstrations, a high end marketing video, content for a trade show booth or media for the internet, we have the tools and talent to turn your ideas into reality.

The Blueprint for Your Project

For years, Video Ideas was a "beta test site" for the latest and greatest editing hardware and software. We were selected by various manufacturers and vendors because of our talent and experience in editing a large variety of projects.

At the end of the day, post-production is where we shed light on the video footage and where the final decisions are made for the production. From deciding on the best takes and creating custom graphics to picking the music and sound effects, this is where experienced editors and the proper edit suite makes all the difference. Our editors are creative and can work efficiently to make your production as effective and as impressive as possible.

Our motion graphic artists can create custom graphics and animations that enhance the effectiveness and attention getting qualities of your production. We can use special compositing techniques to add 2D or 3D character animation into the video to become part of the scene or to interact with on-camera talent. Whatever it takes to make your finished production memorable and effective.

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