More Than Just a Talent.

With the creation of the smartphone people now have the power of yesterday's super-computers in their pockets. With this new power came a new responsibility for your business. A mobile app is the best way to engage your customers. It is a very handy way of spreading information or making something a little easier for your customers to find and do. Maybe you just need them to be able to see some good reviews about your products. Or maybe you just need them to be able to find your closest location. If so you might want to talk to us about Pointsmap.

The Blueprint for Your Project

Interactivity engages the viewer and allows them to interface directly with the content. It can be used for marketing, training, safety, testing and any purpose in which direct interactivity will enhance the experience. This interactivity can be delivered through the internet, social media, mobile devices and in the form of a Blu-Ray DVD. Our programmers can create an interface that helps present complex information in a step by step manner.

We can create presentations that are fully interactive allowing the viewer to access different media clips based on their decisions. For example, a viewer can go through a training or sales presentation and be presented with a situation in which they must choose a course of action - and based on their decision - they view the outcome of their decision.

They can even have an opportunity to go back and see what the outcome would have been if they had chosen a different course of action.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System provides step by step training and testing to insure the viewer absorbed the information and knows how to use it. The management interface of our LMS allows for various levels of reporting on the training and test results allowing them to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Call today and schedule an appointment to learn how our interactivity and LMS can increase the impact and productivity of your employees and make your marketing more effective and increase your bottom line profit.

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