Aerial: Drone Videography - Aerial Videography Demo

Aerial: Drone Videography Demo
Video Ideas is pioneering amazing aerial footage. With our remote controlled Hex-Copter, stabilized HD camera mount, FPV video monitoring from the ground and 40 years of RC piloting experience, we capture breathtaking scenes and spectacular tracking shots.

Aerial: Drone Videography - Chattanooga Nights Aerial Video

Chattanooga Nights Aerial Drone Demo
Video Ideas is pioneering a new way to film amazing aerial footage. Utilizing a remote controlled "Quad-Copter" and Go Pro HD cameras, Video Ideas can capture breathtaking scenes to really bring your project to life.

Aerial: Drone Videography - Ruby Falls Inside the Cave Aerials

Ruby Falls - Internal Aerial Drone Videography

Flying the hexcopter inside of Ruby Falls was a tremendous challenge, although very rewarding. The air currents and turbolence caused by the falling water made it difficult and the narrow passages in the cave added to the drama. The result - incredible footage from angles which has never been seen by anyone. Enjoy the video!

Aerial: Drone Videography - Lookout Mountain Aerials

Lookout Mountain Aerial Drone Videography
Fly "off the overlook" and get a view of Rock City, Ruby Falls and the Incline from our Aerial Hexcopter vantage point.

Aerial: Drone Videography - Bledsoe County Aerial Demo


Aerial: Drone Videography - Fall Colors




Aerial: Drone Videography - Integra Vistas Aerial Video

Watch this flyover of Hixson’s new luxury apartment community with scenic views of nearby signal mountain. Starting just off Highway 153, we fly up to the a town-center style community revealing the club house, swimming pool, poolside grill, outdoor pavilion, lounge area, the apartments, and more.
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