from the Film Score in Reverse series

From the Film Score In Reverse Series

A high definition interactive video enhancement for The Spanish Trail Suite

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The Spanish Trail Suite is a high definition interactive video presentation that is sequenced to a live symphony performance of The Spanish Trail Suite music.

The Old Spanish Trail was the longest and one of the oldest trails in the American West, stretching 1120 miles. It was originally a walking trail and took two and a half months to travel.

Filmed entirely on location, magnificent flyovers and time-lapse photography capture the awesome beauty of Southwestern Utah.

Your audience will experience a perfectly sequenced HD movie to your live performance. In The Spanish Trail Suite, magnificent visuals and music unite to create a performance of a lifetime!

Thank You

I've watched this magnificent visual spectacle you've created to complement the music. There are so many things I love about it that all I can say is thank you.

- Sara Penny
Grants Officer/Historian

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