Are you looking for a product for your giftshop that's fun for the whole family?  Our classic puzzle CD-Rom is sure to be a hit with everyone - and it's customized for you! Imagine having a retail product that sells for $9.95 that has puzzles made from pictures you supply to us - and it's educational!  

Here's how it works . . . Just send us 20 digital pictures and an educational description for each picture and we'll do the rest. It's affordable and these puzzles can be sold forever. They make great souvenirs and unique gifts for family and friends. All this, and you get a CD-Rom packed with entertaining puzzles and facts that can be enjoyed by all ages. We've created puzzle CD-Rom's for museums and aquariums in the tourism industry and we can make one for you!
It's a great check-out counter and impulse item - that's great advertising for you. Production turn-around time is about 3 weeks. In addition, you can order any of the other CD-Rom puzzles, along with your customized product.  Contact us to find out how our CD puzzles can become a part of your store and start spreading the fun today!
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jigsaw, sliding, rotating... PUZZLES (Sell a Customized products that's fun for the whole family!)
DEMO 1 (enlarge poster)DEMO 2 (enlarge poster)
Fun for all ages!
Your cost is $400 for the one-time programming and design fee and we create your customized CD-Rom and a full color printed face along with an 8.5 x 11 full color Point Of Sale Poster. You then buy copies of your customized CD-Rom Puzzle Program from us for $5.00 each (plus shipping and handling) in quantities of 100 or more. You receive your CD-Rom's packaged, shrinkwrapped and ready for you to sell. The CD's are copy-protected to protect you and your investment.